Tourist attractions in Chłopy and its neighbourhood

Our cabins at the seaside is the perfect tourist offer for enthusiasts of active leisure. Picturesque landscapes and walking paths, cycle routes, broad and clean beaches are only some of the numerous assets of Chłopy. Beautiful scenery and the appeal of Chłopy will allow you to relax at the Polish seaside. In comparison to other resorts by the Baltic Sea, Chłopy is not a very crowded resort and offers a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

It is a perfect place for holidays with children or friends, as well as a romantic stay for two.


First historical records come from the 18th century century, when the village was called Borowo. Since 1840 it is known by the name Chłopy (German: Bauerhufen). At that time it was already advertised as a popular bathing resort. Chłopy is located in the central part of the Polish coast, right by the coastline, 6 km to the west of Mielno, the most popular resort in the area (especially among young people).

The village itself is rather small, with about 200 permanent residents. Chłopy is the only preserved fishing village in Poland. It comprises a couple of 19th-century wattle and daub cottages. It is particularly interesting that these cottages face the road with their gable walls. The whole village was entered into the register of monuments because of its well-preserved traditional layout.

Why spend your holidays in Chłopy?

You should definitely visit the fishing harbour and watch fishermen at work: fishing cutters going to sea and returning with the catch, being hauled to the shore. You can watch the cutters and, if the owner agrees, get on board and take a closer look - a real treat, both for children and adults. More adventurous tourists can seize the opportunity to go out to sea with the fishermen and watch them at work. You will surely impress your friends with some memorable photos.

Every day you can buy fresh-caught sea fish and fry or grill them in your cabin.
Smoked fish is another delicacy - a real pride of Chłopy!
The appetising smell from smoking chambers attracts even holiday makers from distant resorts.

In Chłopy there are several tourist trails worth trying. By the road to Mielenko you can see specimens of Turkish hazel, extremely rare in Poland, planted by the German settlers. Those trees are over 100 years old, and reach 14 metres. They are covered with rare lichen growing only in a very clean environment.

A boarding house from the early 20th century by the main path to the beach, an example of eclectic architecture, is a real pearl. The villa is beautifully renovated and in the summer, dance soirées under the stars are held there. Another noteworthy building is the resort opposite, including carefully restored historic wattle and daub cottages.
On the eastern border of the village, by the forest path to Mielenko runs the 16th meridian east. The place is marked by a huge boulder and this geographic curiosity is used to promote Chłopy. “The 16th Meridian Society” was established in order to integrate the inhabitants, support development of the village, promote the culture and customs of fishermen, as well as local cuisine. The society organises events for the residents and tourists as well.
Treasure hunters will be satisfied too. Amber, dubbed “the gold of the Baltic Sea”, is a stone formed from fossilised resin of subtropical coniferous trees 40 to 50 million years ago. Many still believe in its healing properties - it is said to heal skin diseases and soothe toothache, but first and foremost it is exquisite jewellery material. Amber hunting is quite a challenge but lots of fun. Just have some patience and carefully comb through the sand. One is most likely to find amber stones after a storm, when they break off from the bottom of the sea and reach the shore. Some lucky amber hunters found beautiful specimens weighing as much as 430 grammes - you can see a photo in our gallery. Good luck!